Wednesday, July 02, 2008

shark vs eagle

or something like that is the name of a film i just saw. i wish it was less like napolean dynamite at parts, but it was nonetheless very charming and new zealand accents rock, and so do flight of the choncords. Seen!

edit: oops forgot their moles which is the whole point of the movie


Scott Forbes said...

I love the way you capture people's expressions, these are just lovely!
I've never seen the film, but it did look a little "Dynamite" inspired, I'll have to watch it some time.

Great work as always Alina!

Pinflux said...

Wow, wonderful likenesses!

I'm glad you like NZ accents, I've got one and I think it sounds silly. Jermaine came into my work last year because he's friends with the boss, and I wanted to say something but, ah, I was too starstruck so I ignored him.