Saturday, May 10, 2008

Rough Cover numero 3

a rough cover! I'm waiting to get approval to post some covers I did lately.. till then, some commissions!
I've recently heard about the Orphan Works bill, here is a link:
It'll mean that no artist owns his works unless they register them for a fee, and anybody can register someone else's art.
Please help support artists by writing to the US government opposing this ridiculous bill.


Scott Forbes said...

lovely as always,
and I will have to read up on this as well.

Ame said...

Hi! great work! Robin Joseph pass me your blog, I did't know your works, they are very cool, I put you in my links.

keep the good work!

Junyu Zhao-(JUMONJIE) said...

I like this one better then the one you show me before, i hope your clian like this one too.

toni fejzula said...

It's the first time I'm visiting your site and I'm quite astonished for what I see...Great work, mostly 'cause of the expressivity!
I'll keep visiting you often,
Regards, Toni